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аўторак, 24 траўня 2022

Open Call: Altered images 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Altered images is an space for experimental film, art performances, video installations and live music. The aim of the festival is to showcase silent movies or sound movies that are open to a sound reinterpretation. Their showcase is opened to artists an

пятніца, 20 траўня 2022

Giga-Hertz Award 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The Giga-Hertz Award 2022 is endowed with a total of 20,000 € in prize money. The Giga-Hertz main award for the lifetime achievement, which is 10,000 €, will be determined by suggestion from the jury and is not selected from the applications. The two each

аўторак, 17 траўня 2022

Open Call: Lumen 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] City of Waterloo is inviting artists to submit a proposal to be part of Lumen, Waterloo’s festival of light, art, and technology-based installations. Lumen will take place on September 24, 2022 from 6 -11 p.m. in spaces throughout uptown Waterloo, Canada.

чацвер, 12 траўня 2022

Open call: Visualia Festival 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Visualia is the very first festival of light and new media in Croatia, organized by the Association Sonitus, VISUALIA Ltd. and the Tourism Office Pula. It was founded in 2013 and today it takes a lot of pride in becoming one of the major cultural events a

аўторак, 10 траўня 2022

Open Call: Videonale.19

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Artists and filmmakers, distributors, universities and galleries worldwide are invited to submit their works for the competition. Artists of any nationality and any age can submit up to two works belonging to all types of experimental time-based artistic

панядзелак, 09 траўня 2022

Open Call: International Streaming Festival ]ON[ 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Call for submissions are now open for the International Streaming Festival ]ON[

аўторак, 19 красавіка 2022

Open Call: EXTENDED DEADLINE | LPM 2022 Rome

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The deadline to submit your proposal for the XXIII edition of Live Performers Meeting is extended to the 29th of April! The XXIII edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting is happening from the 9th to 12th of June in the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy. a

аўторак, 19 красавіка 2022

Open Call: LMDP Festival 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Between November and December 2022, Kyber Theatre organises in Cagliari (Italy) the 9th Edition of the International Theatre, Art and New Technologies Festival called “The Wonders of Possible”. LMDP Festival is the first of this kind in the whole Italy.

чацвер, 14 красавіка 2022

Open Call: Vilnius Light Festival 2023

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Open call for creators and organizations to submit applications for the fifth Vilnius Light Festival, which will take place on January 25–29, 2023, celebrating the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. The main evaluation criteria for applications are: the basis

серада, 13 красавіка 2022

Open Call: BESTIARIUM - 28.04.2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Wawel Dragon sculpture in the City of Krakow, the Photon Foundation announces an open call for original animated 3D objects of beasts-dragons. From the submitted proposals, 4 projects of animated dragons will

чацвер, 07 красавіка 2022

European Media Art Platform Residencies 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] With the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, for the next 3 years the European Media Art Platform expands its residency program to residencies in 15 countries. They offer residencies for artists, artist duos, collectives or other in

чацвер, 31 сакавіка 2022

Open Call: CosmoLights vol.3

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Cosmopolis festival 2022 is glad to present the 3rd edition of CosmoLights. Artists involved in projection mapping, from Greece and abroad, are invited to participate in this year’s competition. The event will take place from 18 to 21 August 2022, in the

панядзелак, 28 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Fjord Oslo 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The International Call for light installations, interactive installations, video projections and mapping projections for the third edition of Fjord Oslo is open for submission. Please, note, only outdoor art works are going to be considered. Theme: / – –

чацвер, 17 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Vector Festival 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Vector Festival is an experimental media arts festival dedicated to showcasing digital games and creative media practices. Presenting works across a dynamic range of exhibitions, screenings, performances, lectures, and workshops, Vector acts as a critical

серада, 16 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Ibrida Festival 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Ibrida is about artistic contaminations and works that mix different kinds of mediums. The festival will be held the 23rd-24th-25th of September in EXATR Forlì (Italy). The festival is particularly focused on videoart, experimental cinema, live that have

аўторак, 15 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Live Cinema Made in Italy

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] LCF 2022 reserves a space dedicated to emerging projects by hosting a special section aimed at Italian artists, Live Cinema Made in Italy. Are you an Italian artist working in the field of Audiovisual Performing Arts? Do you want to participate in the LCF

чацвер, 10 сакавіка 2022

Open Call: DCAC 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The aim of the DCAC2022 is to bring together technology, art and culture in the Digital Era, as well as to provide a forum on current research and applications incorporating technology, art and culture, to deepen cooperation, exchange experiences and good

пятніца, 04 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Athens Digital Arts Festival 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Athens Digital Arts Festival has chosen the theme FutuRetro, with a retrospective mood for its coming-of-age 18th edition ADAF 2022. They call for artists, scientists, intellectuals, technologists, and every other creator to submit their applications to

серада, 02 сакавіка 2022

Open call: Zsolnay Light Art 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] In 2022, the biggest light festival in Hungary is awaiting its visitors for the sixth time. As part of it, has been announced the next edition of the Zsolnay Light Art Mapping Competition that will be held between 8-10 July. It will be composed on the 5

панядзелак, 28 лютага 2022

Open call: REAKTOR potenziale 2022

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The REAKTOR’s call for concepts is designed to seek out that very potential in the visual arts, hence the title Potenziale. Particular emphasis is to be placed on space-defining art for the REAKTOR’s architectural core, i.e. its main hall. They're for 1.

панядзелак, 28 лютага 2022

Call: AVnode Members for PEACE

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Dear all, we would like to do something to underline the importance of peace and support our many friends, artists and vjs we know in Ukraine with some urban projections. We are collecting materials, if you want to send something it is more than welcome.