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Bright_edu Online 2021

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] While digital automation processes develop by replacing old professions, professional disorientation and fears about the future grow in the new generations.

Young people and students enter the world of work, often without knowing the emerging professions - especially those related to digital - or without being able to pick up the signals of a reality in constant transformation.

Naive or incongruous professional aspirations can lead young people to choose the wrong training or professional paths. This can lead to academic difficulties, an early schooling abound, or difficulty in spending the hard-earned qualification on the job market, because it is inflated or not connected to professional profiles required (mismatch); hence youth unemployment.

Based on this reflection and on the difficult period we are facing, Bright_Educational launched a its first International Online Edition, focused on the theme "Bright workers: professions of the future”.
Professors, experts and representatives from the most successful companies in the digital creative sector will be invited to rule on the new trends and job opportunities in digital transformation.

The program includes three days of lectures, webinars, talks and meetings in Digital Art, Lighting Design and Electronic Music.

A unique opportunity for the online users to get helpful advice and creative ideas for their professional and artistic-digital path.