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Call for Artist: Radici

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Futuro Arcaico - Osservatorio Artistico Digitale, curated by Folklore Elettrico, launches the first national Call for Artist aimed at visual, sound and multimedia artists, with the ambition of tracing new paths and mapping the story of traditions and folklore that sink their roots in history and which, at the same time, act as a bridge connecting the past, present and future.

In a historical moment in which we irreparably witness the loss of many certainties, the prevalence of individualistic thought, the crisis of human values, the difficulty of understanding the importance of the connection with the self, with the universe and nature, rituality could and magic, to be a poetic practice that allows you to connect to the roots and the origin of everything?

We are looking for projects that respond to the theme of "roots", which by interpreting personal visions of authors from all over the world, through the languages ​​of Photography, Illustration, Video, Sound, Installation, Mixed Media, contribute to the narration and mapping of popular culture and magical in Italy, from south to north.

Through Radici - Call for Artist the selected works, in addition to being part of Futuro Arcaico - Osservatorio Artistico Digitale, will have the opportunity to participate in:

-Futuro Arcaico Fest - Bari
The selected works will take part in the widespread exhibition event scheduled in the center of Bari for spring 2021.

-Futuro Arcaico Fest - Italy
The selected works will take part in an exhibition that will be held on the national territory within the network of Call partners.

-FutuRO Arcaico Fest - Albania
A selection of the finalist works, curated by Futuro Archaico in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute Tirana, will be part of a collective exhibition in the city of Tirana (hopefully based on the new scenarios).

- Printed publication with all the selected works.

Participation in the Call is free and it is necessary to fill out the online form in all its fields.

600 characters minimum
(spaces included)

600 characters minimum
(spaces included)


• Section Photography, 10 images
• Section Illustration, max 10 tables
• Send images only with a sharing link (WeTransfer / Dropbox)
• Each photo must be in high resolution and named 'author_title'

• Send only the link of the work online (uploaded to YouTube / Vimeo / Bandcamp - Public mode - if private it indicates the pw)
• Also send some representative images of the project, only with a WeTransfer / Dropbox sharing link (high resolution images, each photo must be named 'author_ title')

• Send images only with a sharing link (WeTransfer / Dropbox)
• Each photo must be in high resolution and named 'author_title'
• If you have video or audio send the link YouTube / Vimeo / Bandcamp - Public mode (if private indicates the pw).

Deadline: 15.03.2020

For more details:

Call for Artist: Radici




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