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Call for Artists : Blooming Festival 2021

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Blooming is a unique festival in Italy: it invades the old town of Pergola with installations, projections, performances in churches and cellars that are usually closed or seldom open to public visitors.

Blooming festival welcomes an external new media art project for one of its locations. The project should match the concept of "blooming", meant as evolution or change in any form or state. Projects can include installations, sound art, light art, interactive installations, immersive installations, videomapping, A/V performances, etc...

Projects about technologic exploration of nature, that focus on showing the changes and evolution of natural elements by means of technologic devices, will be taken in special consideration. Electronics to service Nature and vice-versa, to show the vital stream, the endless evolution and the immanent beauty. Projects will be reviewed by Federica Patti (Curator – La Rete Art Project) and the festival art direction (Quiet Ensemble).

How to apply:
— description of the project;
— detailed technical rider;
— pictures, sketches and/or video;
— bio / portfolio / CV of the artist / collective;
— submissions should not exceed 10 mega and videos should be preferably submitted via link.

— refund of travel expenses, accomodation (room and board);
— technical support;
— publication of the winning project on our main channels of communication.

Deadline for submission: 31th July 2021. The application is free of charge.