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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] with: Club to Club Festival Dancity, Dissonanze Festival, Lpm, Plug’n’Play

when: from October 30, 2009

where: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 18 – Rome

The explosion of electronic music has created a new musical and cultural movement that recognizes and joins through a variety of festivals and events in the trend. This is a phenomenon that marks the territory and creates a change in consumption and costumes, which produces its own language and rites, and that determines the opening of new markets and new professionals, capable of dialoguing with the world of culture, institutions and companies.

After the course, with the festival Dissonance (2008), Eventlab continues his research into electronic music in Italy. The new course , lasting 40 hours , starring major industry events : festivals historical experiences emerging throughout the country.

With Club To Club from Turin, Dissonance and Lpm from Rome, Dancity Festival from Perugia and then Plug n ‘Play from the Salento, analyze different case studies and through all stages of the development of a musical event in a laboratory size : from concept to production, from security to ticketing to the communication.


The teaching method will be applied during the course of learning by doing , with the combination of lectures and exercises that will culminate in the launch of a brief. The teachers and professionals in the classroom will involve course participants in ‘ creation of an event and presentation of project work in front of the academic board.

provided internship opportunities .