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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] ELEVA ADVANCED MUSIC MEETINGS_4.0



To be or NET to be, this is the main indication to get untangled within the net of people, emotions and sounds of Eleva Advanced Music Meetings fourth edition, Festival of electronic music, workshop and visual arts that will take place also this year in Reggio Emilia.

Eleva's official presentation will be on Friday 10th of June 7pm-2am at Chiostri di San Domenico, with the entrance in via Campo Samarotto. For this edition areas for the festival presentation's event (10th>17th Sep 2016) will be the one of the summer cinema and Istituto musicale Peri's cloister.

In the Garden Stage (summer cinema area), the event will start with TMN ambient sounds. It will continue with Piet Row live exhibition, whom neatly describes himself as a person that "dislikes clubs" and the frame of his performance is anything but a classic club, indeed. At the end of the event there will be the multi.instrumentalist and producer Stev; he says he often goes out with a recorder to sample sounds around him. His instrumental and electronic music comes into his lives in which he combines a variegated setup of instruments playing directly in front of the public. His track "Einter Train" has been told as "one of the 9 songs from all over the world to listen to in 2016" by The Guardian.

Inside the cloister, Main Stage, will be playing MGBB to open the event, followed by Giacomo Pellegrino, whose lives are strongly characterized by funk and house sonorities. Then, dj Iommi's Berlin techno-inspired music, historical memory and unstoppable clubber, lommi concurred to write the club culture story of Bologna in the last 20 years. Eleva presentation's finale will be Black Loops. Riccardo Paffetti, drummer, and Gabriele Micheli, sound engineer and video artist, are an electronic funk, Berlinese techno and a pinch of "Italian touch" mix.

The whole event will be featured by visual performance cured by “L’Antica Proietteria”, whose experience together with the manic cure of their productions/projections, will anticipate the in-depth project
dedicated to the September Festival. Also there will be a Wine and a food corner offered by “Bassa Marea” and “Osteria km 0” to taste Eleva 4.0.

Info: http://www.elevafestival.com/">www.elevafestival.com



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