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Hi-Books – The Aumented Reality applied to Books | TOOLKIT FESTIVAL

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In occation of the http://invisiblecities.eu/">In\Visible Cities – Urban Multimedia Festival artists from all around Europe will be involved to explore connections between visible and invisible cities through art and multimedia languages with the human ability to imagine and to plan for the future, http://avnode.org/activity/toolkit-festival/">Toolkit Festival will organize an innovative appointment to reinvent the tools.

Workshop “Hi- Book” The Aumented Reality applied to Books : 26 -28 May 2016 – H. 11.00-18.00

by Martìn Romeo

The workshop aims to make interactive books with the help of a webcam and using a mini-projector, in order to animate the pages and combine contents. It thus offers the opportunity to experiment, play and learn about new technologies in relation to the reading of a physical object. It is an occasion to reflect on the “book” in an innovative way, with the aim of combining and exchange different media. The participants will choose a book for change it history and transform the memory into a new imaginary in such a way that it remains always alive.

For all info and registration: write to toolkitfestival@gmail.com

(Discounts for students)

WHERE: Complesso di Santa Chiara, via Santa Chiara, Gorizia, Italy

Hi-Books – The Aumented Reality applied to Books | TOOLKIT FESTIVAL


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