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Open Call: Light Move Festival 2022

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Submit your project in the open call for works for the 12th edition of the Festival of Kinetic Art of Light Light.Move.Festival.
The main theme of this year's Festival is: AWAKENING.


The 12th edition of Light.Move.Festival. focuses on the AWAKENING presented in a broad social, personal, mystical, mental and physical context.

The theme of awakening appears as a shift in consciousness, both sudden and violent and a slow, arduous process. Awakening is often associated with the rediscovery of underestimated values, a return to the roots and spiritual personal development.

Communities around the globe face the challenge of awakening from the first waves of a pandemic in a rapidly changing world situation. How will we rebuild social relations and face new challenges?

In recent years, we have also been waking up to a new understanding of our place on Earth and our roles in society in the face of the coming climate change. Can we function as before, consume goods on the present scale? What planet will we leave behind for posterity?

We move to the virtual world, we devote more and more time and energy to our digital avatars. What are our hopes for the development of new technologies? Do we dream a good dream while plunging into the net, or are we plunging more and more into a nightmare of appearances, from which it's time to wake up?

Projects can be submitted in FOUR categories:

1. Large format projections

3D mapping, animation, light shows.

2. Art in public spaces

light installations, including interactive installations; artistic illuminations of park greenery; performance projects: dance, street theaters, music projects

3. Debut / Experiment

category for debutants and young artists

4. Special category: 3D Architectural mapping

2D / 3D mapping changing the appearance and decor of the facade of Albert Böhme's tenement house at 113 Piotrkowska Street in Łódź, referring to the Art Nouveau style, rich in plant and organic elements.

Each category has its own specificity, which is why we have created four downloadable forms on our website. Familiarize yourself with the Briefing, Regulations, photo documentation and fill in the appropriate Application Form. These are the first steps for your art project for the 12th edition of the Light.Move.Festival Kinetic Art of Light Festival. All documents can be downloaded below.

Deadline: 15.03.2022

Info: https://www.facebook.com/LightMoveFestival