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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The deadline to submit your proposal for the XX edition of Live Performers Meeting or enrol Live Videomapping Competition is extended to the 25th of March.

LPM is looking for your:

AV Performances

VJ Sets

Live Mapping Performances

Interactive Installations

Project Showcases



Submissions for Live Mapping Contest

LPM 2019 Rome offers a unique opportunity to participate in 4 days packed with audiovisual performances, VJing experiences, workshops, panel discussions and product showcases, all presented by more than 400 artists, professionals and Audio Visuals Performing Arts enthusiasts from 40 countries.

With over 150 activities, the https://liveperformersmeeting.net/editions/2019-rome/program/ programme aims to explore a variety of themes through new audiovisual languages, techniques and softwares. This will include hands-on workshops on Live-Coding, LED mapping and stage design for events, gestural control of music and bodily musical performance; presentations of artist platforms, hot tools, local VJ communities; video installations analysing current political scenarios, cultural ensembles, the use of interactive cameras, transforming bodies and faces through animated gif, personal and meta data tracing, and beyond…

LPM aims to promote and diffuse the free circulation of ideas, expertise, techniques and languages in the field of Audio Visual Performing Arts.

New audiovisual languages, the connection between artistic creation and progressive technology, new media arts and public, hottest AV products, innovative technologies and the trends of tomorrow: these are the themes that we want to discuss during our seminars and workshops.

Send us your best AVarts project or performance and be a part of the biggest Audio Visual Performing Arts gathering!

LPM will take place in Rome, Italy, from the 2nd to the 5th of May at Mattatoio.

Register today and create and celebrate the culture of AVarts together with people coming from around 35 countries!

The deadline extended to March 25th, 2019.

More information and apply here https://liveperformersmeeting.net/editions/2019-rome/call-to-participate/





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