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MIRA Immersive Camp 2015 – Fulldome Workshop 360º

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Among the objectives of training, research, information and dissemination in the audiovisual creation, we create MIRA Immersive Camp 2015: 3 days of workshops, presentations and other activities around immersive experiences, generated visuals and the most advanced techniques of digital video creation.

Fulldome Workshop 360º

This workshop will developes the theoretical foundations, the various technical options and the set-up approaches and content creation for 360º Fulldome structures. Two Workshop options will be available:W1 – Visual Fulldome 360º andW2 – Audio Fulldome 360º.

The lectures are held both theoretical and practical on November2, 3 and 4 atFabra i Coats classrooms and in the Fulldome installed in the same venue. Theworkshops are led bynational and internationalexperts.

Students can attendanentireworkshopthrough the three days pass, which includesthree days of classes. As a novelty, this year tickets can be purchased per day,depending on the interest / availability of the studentson the topics.

More information: fulldomeworkshop@telenoika.net">fulldomeworkshop@telenoika.net

http://www.mirafestival.com/en/workshops/" http://www.mirafestival.com/en/workshops/

MIRA Immersive Camp 2015 is co-produced by MIRA, http://www.telenoika.net/">Telenoika and http://eyesbergstudio.com/">Eyesberg Studio.

MIRA Immersive Camp 2015 – Fulldome Workshop 360º


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