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Open Call: Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Mexico summons for its second edition 2021 filmmakers, audiovisual artists and the general public (national and foreign) who have innovative works, which propose new ways to expand the territory of cinema through of a creative spirit that breaks the limits to find new language codes through new and old technological supports.

They are open to accept any type of work and "category" as long as you explore the vision of experimental cinema.

1.- Found Footage
2.- Video art
3.- Video Essay
4.- Hybrids
5.- Documentary (Experimental)
6.- Animation
7.- Fiction (Experimental)
8.- Super 8, Home movies, Glitch, Remix, reappropriation, performance

For this edition, the reception of the materials will take place from February 24 to October 25, 2021. The results will be announced on November 3 to later be exhibited on November 14 of this year.

Regular deadline: 31.07.2021

More Info: https://filmfreeway.com/FISURAInternationalFilmFestival