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Open Call for multimedia projects on GENDER

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Science Gallery London is inviting expressions of interest for projects to become part of the forthcoming GENDER season – a free exhibition and event programme opening in 2020.

Whether your application is an artistic or scientific inquiry, or both, we are looking to work with individuals and groups who are critically exploring experiences of gender in a contemporary context and those engaged with emerging scientific research. The season will reference a broad set of questions, including:

In what ways is gender multi-faceted? Gender is one aspect of identity and arises within social, biological and cultural conditions that are in a state of flux. We are looking for the season to reflect upon multiple notions of gender, gathering and sharing experiences and expressions of gender across a range of cultures and geographies.

What are the lived experiences of gender? In what ways do medical and social spaces – from care homes to nightclubs – structure experience and presentation? How is gender a source of both oppression and liberation, operating via pleasure and desire, as well as control? How are institutionally gendered structures – from the built environment to language itself – shifting over time?

How is gender technological? Gender effects medical treatment within global pharma, indigenous knowledge, state policy and care work for family and friends. Gender interfaces and influences every sphere of science, including medicine, biometrics, psychology, political science and economics, but who has ownership over these tools and technologies?


Proposals may be new ideas, early developments or existing works. Projects supported via the Open Call can typically be funded by Science Gallery London between £1,000 to £3,000 (including all artist fees, materials, equipment, shipping, travel etc.) Please note projects of larger scale could be considered only where additional partners/funding can be secured. We enthusiastically welcome proposals that work to a smaller budget or have a larger budget and are part funded through other means.

Deadline: 15th February 2019, 5:30pm GMT

More information and apply: https://opencall.sciencegallery.com/gender" opencall.sciencegallery

Open Call for multimedia projects on GENDER




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