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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] At IN-SONORA we begin 2019 with a new Open Call for the selection of projects that will be presented during the 11th Internacional Sound and Interactive Art Show, in March of 2020.

The Open Call is available to diverse disciplines, and maintains the objective of supporting and giving visibility to a variety of new creators, who focus their proposals on the experience of sound and interaction.

Thanks to the support of Medialab Prado, IN-SORONA 11 is holding an open call for individual or group projects in Residence. The one selected project will be developed over the course of the month of March, 2020, with access to the existing media of Medialab Prado Madrid.

This residence accounts for monetary support for travel, accommodations, maintenance, and production.

Who can participate?

Spanish artists and foreigner 18 years or older of any nationality are permitted to participate. However, special attention is paid to emerging artists or those who have not participated previously in the event.

Date / When to apply

Applications for IN-SONORA 11 can be submitted from the 01 of February to the 31 of March of 2019. Projects will not be accepted after this date.

IN-SONORA 11 Sound and Interactive Art Show will be held in March of 2020. The dates will be specified once projects have been selected.

Proposals’ requirements

Each participant can present as many proposals as he/she wishes. Each proposal should be followed by its relevant request.

The selected proposal must be produced before the end of 2019 and have everything necessary for the presentation.

Disciplines considered for this Open Call:

Installation. (Sound / Interactive / Sound and Interactive / Audiovisual). Object, installation, or intervention, which needs a fixed amount of space for the presentation.

Event. Direct proposal between 20 and 40 minutes long for your presentation either in an auditorium or some alternate space.

Sound Piece. A work of electroacoustic nature of a fixed format (Acousmatics) of at most 10 minutes; meant to play over stereo speakers without needing the creator. Specify if it is a multichannel work.

Video. Audiovisual work of at most 10 minutes to be presented over a projector in a room with stereo sound.

Twitter Residence. Project meant to be developed over 7 consecutive days on the twitter account @twIn_sonora.

Workshop. Short monographic program to be taught in some classroom or other alternative space.

Conference. Accessible public presentation of at most an hour long.

Deadline March 31, 2019

More information and apply here https://in-sonora.org/ficha-convocatoria/convocatoria-in-sonora-11-open-call-2019/