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Open Call Light Move Festival 2019

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Call for Concepts

The international Call for Concepts for „Festival of Kinetic Art of Light” Light.Move.Festival. is open for submission! We are looking for the artistic works that will unconventionally change the existing space of the city. Large-format projections on facades of urban buildings, artistic installations of light, illumination or interdisciplinary projects. All applications must be submitted by March 15.

SPACE as the theme of Light.Move.Festival 2019

The 9th edition of LMF directs our thoughts towards space. With the open call, we are looking for artists who will explore the main theme, use the features of existing spaces and give them new meanings. The artists should express how the elements of environment influence us, both physically and emotionally.

Light, as an artistic mean of expression, merges art with the environment. The light attracts, stimulates, shapes and sometimes even builds the space. With the use of light, we change the reality and paint it according to our own vision – this is how I see the LMF in 2019. – says Beata Konieczniak, Creator of Light.Move.Festival.


The call is divided into three wo categories:

1. Videomapping 2D/3D, animation with the elements of videomapping 3D, animation

2. Light installations/sculptures including the interactive projects

3. Artistic events (street theatres/ performance /parades/ music concerts)

Apply and find out more http://www.lmf.com.pl/#/" here

Open Call Light Move Festival 2019




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