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OPEN CALL Orbiting The Glitch

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] ‘Orbiting the Glitch’ will be an online exhibition based on the exploration of the glitch aesthetic in audio and visual production of the work of the collective ‘glitch[dot]cool’.

This exhibition seeks to approach various glitch aesthetics in music and interactive/ generative visual media which emerged through their practice. We are also interested in new media art and visuals in a broader sense and to explore different aesthetics of sound collage and generative artforms.

Since 2019, when the collective was established, their core value is the notion of community. Glitch[dot]cool collective is built and expanded through community by sharing knowledge and skills. One of the aims of this exhibition is to acknowledge the members who are part of it by inviting audio-visual creatives from the discord server to participate with their work .Another aim is to expand the community by inviting new participants through an open call and get to know more artists whose work explores a glitch aesthetic and new media art.

This exhibition is a collaboration between glitch[dot]cool collective and independent curator Rafailia Thiraiou.

Deadline: 31.07.2021

More info:https://www.glitch.cool/projects/open-call-orbiting-the-glitch

OPEN CALL Orbiting The Glitch




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