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Open Call – Reservoir Festival for Electric Art

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The first edition of Reservoir Festival for Electric Art welcomes submissions.

The festival melds music and media arts at one unique location in the middle of the Black Forest, Germany. The Linach dam (German: Linachtalsperre) is an architectural masterpiece spanning the valley of the Linach creek at 143 meters. Over 100 years after the electric revolution, the dam, that elec- trified the region back in the days, now takes on the role as the setting and resource of a festival for electric, electronic and digital arts. Dedicated to experimenting with new art forms, Reservoir’s focus on electric’ arts is not limited to digital technologies. We seek to provide a stage for a spectrum of audio and video performances, installations directly next to or surrounding the dam, filled with interdisciplinary workshops, all of which encapsulate in some way a reference to the Linach dam and/or its history – past, present or future.

Festival date: july 20, 2019

Selected artists will find at their disposal the following working materials:

the dam itself (without making permanent changes of any kind to it)

a PA for an audience up to 1000 and a sound dome for limited audiance

various possibilities for projections

a lit stage (small and on audience level)

This open call is addressed to entries from all disciplines and genres of music, the arts, and beyond, which echo the given subject area. A selection for the final program will be made by our curating team.

The deadline: March 15, 19

More information and to apply http://reservoir.space/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3zN0l-leTpU8RI5Fj264seUvSM9obyfhCHOoZqnWblTc9rgW1nGwyh0GA#go" here