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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Open_Lab is an online format that brings together people working in the field of art and technology. Every other month, V2_Lab organizes an Open_Lab where people can present and discuss their work in progress with peers and members of the V2_Lab.

To take part in a session, you can either apply to present as described below or simply join the session as a participant. Open_Lab is an inspiring place where fascinations are shared and joining in could initialize the missing spark to start your next project.

If you are working as a developer, Open_Lab can be a place to team-up and find new projects to get involved in with your expertise.

On March 17th 2021 at 16:00h there is a first online Open_Lab session.

The session will be hosted online via Zoom: Open Lab Zoom-link

How To Get Involved
Everybody can join an Open_Lab session.

Do you want the opportunity to present, please notify Sebastian Frisch: sebastian@v2.nl with a short outline of your project and possible questions.

We will reserve a spot to present your project and discuss the related questions with all participants who are invited to give feedback, share their knowledge and ideas.

The goal of this setting is to share stories and establish new connections with artists and developers around you. This is NOT an opportunity to pitch projects to obtain a residency position.

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