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REAKTOR Potential Call For Concepts 2021

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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] In its transdisciplinary program, the REAKTOR presents works that breathe the spirit of their time. What was once understood to be timeless permanence may still be considered experimental today. This is especially true for contemporary art. The REAKTOR call for concepts of the same name traces this potential in the visual arts. Special attention will be paid to space-consuming art for the architectural heart of the REAKTOR, for the large hall.

The selected artists are invited to deepen and implement their submitted concept as part of a one-week stay in summer and to confront it with the public in an exhibition in the second half of October.

The application process is one-step. A description, sketches and an enclosed portfolio of previous work are sufficient. The REAKTOR team accompanies the escalation and supports the implementation of the concept. For the realization of the exhibition there is a production budget of up to € 3,500 and practical support from the REAKTOR technical team.

Selection criteria are:

-Art experience | We are looking for works that address intellect and emotion.
-Balance between conceptual depth and material precision | Work that has already been completed from the portfolio will also be used to assess the submission.
-Objects or concepts that use the large volume of the large hall are preferred.
-Location specificity | Optionally, a dialogue can be started with the genius loci (either in terms of architecture or content).
-Feasibility | Budget, security of the audience

Send your submission to potentialiale@reaktor.art . Each submission must contain the following documents:

The fully completed submission form | A short description of the concept (max. 2,500 characters), sketches and / or other visual media to illustrate the concept idea | A current portfolio of previous works and exhibitions

If the amount of data exceeds 5mb, you are requested to send the materials via download link. Submissions will be accepted until May 31, 2021 .


REAKTOR Potential Call For Concepts 2021




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