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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Amplitude is a live audiovisual performance by recently formed duo Anna Turra (visuals) and Guilherme Kastrup (music). A powerful presentation, where the artists create in real time a poetic dialogue between image and sound, through abstract and figurative/concrete samples, both digitally and analogically created, in the search for an unconventional way of telling (part of) stories. Premiered in Live Cinema Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2014.

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Што трэба


In front of the stage at the same level of the public, so the technician listens accurately to how the audience will be listening.
*Console Digi Design Profile or SC 48 with Plugins d a waves at least, Yahama PM 5D RH or CL5 or M7CL.

Sound System (PA) of internationally known fabrication, with adequate dimension for the estimated public and space.

This System should provide the House Mix without distortion or interferences. (Meyer Sound, D&B, JBL, Norton or L-acoustics)

Include FRONT FILL, DELAY or OUT FILL if necessary. In independent auxiliars.

PA should be mounted at least 1 meter forward of the stage.

01 Processor respective to the PA

01 Intercom


01 Console PM 5D RH or CL5 or M7CL
At the side of the stage so the technician can see the performers.

02 Monitores 12”or 15”+ Drive
(Meyer Sound, D&B, Norton, L-acoustics or EAW)
Kit for microphone and direct box as seen at Input List - with spares if needed.

MICROPHONES (we can also send you our Input List)

- 04 AKG 414/C3000
- 01 B 52
- 03 SN 441/SM57
- 01 AKG 460/81
- 01 SM 58
all with stands (5 big, 1 medium and 4 small ones)


01 Drum Kit for exclusive use, if possible
(Grecth, Yamaha, Tama, Sonor or DW)

Stands kit with:
- 01 Stool (Gibraltar or Tama)
- 01 Bass Drum Pedal (DW 5000)
- 02 Snare Drum Stands
- 01 Hi-Hat Stand
- 04 Cymbal stands
- 01 Carpet 3 x 2 meters - in dark color


- 01 Full HD Projector of internationally known fabrication (we recommend Panasonic)
>> Prefer high contrast ratio and DLP

Ansilumens will vary depending on each situation

- Adequate lens for the position of installation and size of screen

- 16:9 Projection Screen or clear homogenic white or light gray wall or surface

- AC cable and Signal cables from projector to VJ on stage - with spares - VGA, DVI or HDMI accepted

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)



LPM 2015 Rome
LPM 2015 Rome
панядзелак, 01 чэрвеня 2015

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