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  • AV Installation
  • 2153 Праглядаў
  • Падабаецца
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] For me personally, street art represents everything, that true, boundless art is. The magical thing about street art is, that everyone can play a part in it and add an intangible factor to it, simply by acknowledging it and giving it a personal meaning. It’s a kind of creation, that can never be finished or defined, it’s extremely personal, pure, sometimes very opinion – forming, vulgar and offensive. It forces you to answer uncomfortable questions, to be true to yourself. I would like to experiment with the influence that street art is putting on my body. I am seeking a new moving language, strictly inspired by Graffiti’s.

I want to create a correlation between street art and movement. I am always asking the question what emotions does the street art evoke. The question is, is it challenging social conscious or is it simply a scar on the face of a building? The performance will wrestle with these opposing opinions.

Працягласць (хвілін)


Што трэба

1. Propotions of screen 16:9 (holding a convention of Modern Pierrot, the minimum screen height: 2 metres)
2. Projector HD with min. 7000 Lum, for mapping
3. DVI input
4. Mini jack to output of the computer
5. Minimum 4 sockets
6. speakers

  • AV Installation


Warabida&Dance Lab
Warabida&Dance Lab

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