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Éclat Résumé (And its Variations)

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Éclat Résumé (And its Variations)
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The piece is a strong statement on the transition of the definition of glamour and the universal beauty standards.
The strength of fashion on a human body and the thirst for searching the spotlight.

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Што трэба

Industrial fan.
2 Tables.
White spotlight (fixed to the roof or controllable, depends on the conditions of the venue).
4 channel mixer.
Audio console.
Long VGA cable (to connect from the artist's computer to projector)
Necessary electricity cables for all the equipment.

  • AV Performance


Diego Bowie
Diego Bowie

Panama Panama City


LPM 2013 Mex
LPM 2013 Mex
чацвер, 24 студзеня 2013

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