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Création Trivium

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Création Trivium
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Our crew is composed of 3 performers : 1 electro/music producer, 1 dancer and 1 VJ.

We created a multidisciplinary show gathering our skills. It shows the story of an unknown creature being brought in a strange world where everything is different from the real world.
Then, it'll have to adapt his habits to appropriate this new world.
Dance, music and video were designed to work together and this forms a coherent unity.

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Needed :
1 stage (about 15 m2 minimum)

2 tables for AV equipment with 3 power switches

1 screen covering the largest part of the stage, touching the ground. 16/9 display.

1 projector (VGA) Res : 1024*576

Audio system (stereo, mini-jack) with 1 return for the dancer and 1 for the VJ and the musician.

Lights : from 6 to 8 lights on the ground, not lighting the screen (blue/orange ambient). One technician for the lights.

Brought :
Video : 1 Macbook pro, minidisplayport to VGA, Akai MPD32, mouse, wiimote + sensor bar, ps3 eye.

Audio : 1 Macbook + UC33 + MPK mini

  • AV Performance


Création Trivium
Création Trivium

France Paris, Besançon

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