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dIP (deconstructing Identity Paradigm)

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dIP (deconstructing Identity Paradigm)
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] IP Group is an interdisciplinary collective which stems from the art and science field and focuses on the process of creation. By combining theatre, soundart, architecture, videoart, text and dramaturgy and by exploring the margins of art, communication and humanistic discourses, we create artworks going across the artistic paradigms and genres. The main area of our research spins together cultural strategies of re-shaping identity, multimedial extention of reality, its (de)construction and interfer with the environment through installations, site-specific art and performance art. By non-canonical usage of space, word and audio-visual layers, we build our own unique, yet flexible artistic idiom

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Што трэба

Rider, material needed *the rest not mentionned is provided by artists*

AUDIO: stereo sound system
- 3 modules per side
- complete of a speakers
- subbases min. 1/side 2x18'' min. 1kW
- 2 extension cords with 4 inputs each
- 2 diboxes
- monitor ( for listening on stage)

projection spac 3:1, min. 8m of width
the lower edge of the projection starts at 1.8m from the ground
projection min. 2m behind the back of the performers
projector min. 4000 ANSI and Full HD (1920x1080)
fornt or rear projection
mixer or switcher video HD with 2 inputs DVI or VGA, and 1 output DVI or VGA + cables from mixer to projector
cabel from projector to computer, possible connexion: DVI, VGA HDMI, Thunderbolt
2 extension cords with 4 inputs each

totally darken room

table 0.8m height and 3m of width
black color or covered by black material
distance between table and projection 2-3m

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Experimental Electronics


Identity Problem Group
Identity Problem Group

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