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Future Sounds Like Past Toys

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Future Sounds Like Past Toys
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] “Future sounds like past toys” was born by the collaboration of two major artists, that is the musician and circuit-bender EraSer and the video-artist and vj ape5, and it is based on the concept that contemporary music and the music of the future “sounds like” past toys. The project goes back and begins with the experimentation of sound through modification, errors, “bending” of toys, and focuses on their audiovisualization trough glitch aesthetics, creating a digital analogical dialogue (dianalog) between video and audio, exactly between “past toys” and “new toys”. The audio part of the project avails itself of the art of circuit bending performed by the artist EraSer using toys turned into musical instruments that interact, through micro-controllers and electro-acoustic analysis, with a video-synthesis hardware/software and self-made controller by ape5.

Працягласць (хвілін)


Што трэба



1 table 150cm x 70 cm (or more)

I need :

• 8 channels (or more) MIXER with 4 band parametric E.Q.

• 1-2 monitors

• 1 D.I. Box

Sound I need just:

• 1 channel on the main mixer

• 2 cable jack/XLR



• 3m. x 4m. or more or proportional to the stage

• Retro or front projection.

• 4:3 or 16:9.

Video Out

• Composite Video (RCA) or S-Video.

• PAL or NTSC.

  • AV Performance


EraSer + ape5
EraSer + ape5

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