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Gameboy Electroraw Liveset & Gp2x Vjset

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Gameboy Electroraw Liveset & Gp2x Vjset
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] During the Gameboy Liveset We don’t use CDJ or some audio tracks as a base, We don’t even play Super Mario or Tetris! All you’re gonna listen is composed and played only with one Gameboy, thanks to a software called LSDJ. There’s no Vst or samples, no preset loops… it’s just the Gameboy’s audio chip, screaming out loud.

For more infos about technical skills, or just to know how can a Gameboy play music, don’t exitate to contact me : info@buskerdroid.com

This music is called Chiptune or Micromusic / 8bit.

The VisualArt are made by SecretLab with GP2X console thanks to software called Pikix .

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Што трэба

2 Audio Jack from Main Mixer tothe stage.
Monitor speaker onthe stage.
Front desk for the VJ.

Full info:

BUSKERDROIDvsMICROMAN:We dont need big space for our tools, our livesetup are 4 Gameboy and mixer Beringher 1202fx.

SECRETLAB: I've S-Video or RCA Output.
I need a front desk with powerpoint and cable to the projector. I got a 3meters videocable.

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