Generative AV show

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Generative AV show
Live AV show of generative real-time visuals and live electronic music.
An abstract feast of raymarching, KINECT point clouds, particle systems and geometry shaders extravaganza.
All 100% real-time live 3d graphics made with code.
Visuals by evvvvil, made in HLSL shader language and vvvv, played live with Novation LaunchCONTROL XL.
Music by OddJohn, played live in Abelton with Minibrute, Push2 and evolution midi controller.

Duration (minutes)


What is needed

hdmi cable entry to plug your projector into my computer and a standard power socket.

  • AV Performance
  • Generative
  • Techno
evvvvil + oddjohn
evvvvil + oddjohn

United Kingdom London


LPM 2017 Amsterdam
LPM 2017 Amsterdam
Saturday, 20 May 2017

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