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Next Floor Remix

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Next Floor Remix
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Audiovisual remix from the awarded short movie NEXTFLOOR (best short movie Cannes 2008)

Ouananiche is ravenous for films, cooking them up and recomposing them into musical video collages. When PHI Group suggested he remix Next Floor, a masterpiece of short filmmaking, it was like opening the door of his pantry. Denis Villeneuve’s 11-minute film, which cleaned up at festivals and won numerous awards worldwide (best short-film Cannes 2008), became the raw material for Ouananiche to chop up, mix and season into a feast for hungry eyes and famished ears. The audiovisual mash-up artist serves up yet another delicious snack.

It's the first time that Ouananiche can legally remix a movie. The amazing sequences from Next Floor are distended or accelerated, the sinister and fascinating ambiance finds a new rythm, dark and mesmerizing. No matter if you've seen the original short film or not, Ouananiche gives here a real new version : double lenght, different construction, for a different purpose.

Trailer [http://vimeo.com/15537207]

Next Floor Remix's past presentations :

• 13 Décembre 2010 - Prends ça court! - Le Cercle [http://www.le-cercle.ca/index.php?sectionid=2&page=12&direct=1682&syncrodate=oui&annee=2010] (Québec, QC)

• 25 Novembre 2010 - L'art actuel au profit d'Amnistie Internationale [http://punche.org/] - Eastern Bloc (Montréal, QC)

• 21 Octobre 2010 - Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Montréal, QC)

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Projection 16/9

Output video : VGA 720x1080

Output audio :Jack 1/4 stereo ou RCA stereo

need 2 Direct Box if possible

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