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Remote control

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Remote control
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] REMOTE CONTROL is a live visuals set from still&moving.
Its a channel-changing deconstruction of pop culture references including but not limited to television, celebrity, aircraft travel, bears, horror, vector playground, LED's and plastic surgery, static, nature, interference, reality and random events related to adding friends on social networking sites.

REMOTE CONTROL live visuals offers still&moving an environment to (press) play -- rejigging screen-grabbed worlds offered up to us from 'reality' shows, syndicated news channels and press-rooms from all over. Cutting & pasting reworked pixels together to make steam trains from speakers, fake information telephone lines and moonwalk lessons.

Працягласць (хвілін)

60 / 240

Што трэба

- At least 1 projector VGA o RCA cabled

- 1 Video Mixer

- 1 Fomet or table 1x2 m

  • VJ Set



New Zealand Dunedin

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