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Spot the Rain

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Spot the Rain
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] A/V performance with 3 musicians and two vjs on stage.
Torafugu (singer) performs his songs in a live interaction with the musicians and the vjs. Audio and video is synced and performed live.

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Што трэба

The show is performed by 5 people: voice, bass, dj and 2vjs.

- Stage or designed area with enough space for 5 people.
- Consolle/table for 3 laptops and equipment.
- 3 microphone stands.
- 2 microphones.
- 3 D.I. boxes.
- 2 floor monitors or stage monitors.
- 1 video mixer.

  • AV Performance



Italy Reggio Emilia


LPM 2012 Rome
LPM 2012 Rome
нядзеля, 03 чэрвеня 2012

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