VJ JANUS walking

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VJ JANUS walking
[Text available only in English] VJ JANUS IN LPM 2019
My technological mask's name is Vj Janus.

Janus, the mythological God, is two-faced between past and future. And I am the present, in between.
Vj Janus is a device that I wear, composed of a screen placed on my back, through an elastic harness, and a camera connected to the screen, I shoot what I consider interesting, details, focus, what my gaze captures and choose to be relevant.
I have patented this device, a patent issued by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office on 07.03.2018.
The device is mobile, equipped with batteries and there is no need of power supply with cables connected to fixed sockets.
For LPM 2019 VJ Janus wants to walk among the places of the festival, move freely in space, shoot, project on the screen on the back. These are the actions planned by Vj Janus in LPM 2019, now, but what will happen in the future present?

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