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[Text available only in English] ONNFrame CHAPTER ONE: YOU.MAN ONN was born as an audiovisual performance constantly evolving. Shapes, geometries, video impressions, sounds and colors come together in a perfect dialogue generated in real time. The virtual environment broadens the possibilities of

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Signal Festival 2020

  • 15 // 20 octubre 2020
  • Prague, Praga, Repubblica Ceca

Fiber Festival 2020

  • 20 // 27 septiembre 2020
  • Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • 16 // 25 septiembre 2020
  • Pernerinsel, Hallein, Austria

viernes, 17 abril 2020

AIM "Sulle relazioni:, la musica è dell'Universo"

[Text available only in English] https://www.aimagazinebooks.com/sulle-relazioni-la-musica-e-delluniverso

viernes, 17 abril 2020

Jaded Techno Zine " V/Plasm: The Art Of Vjing"

[Text available only in English] https://www.jadedlondon.com/v-plasm-the-art-of-vjing/

viernes, 17 abril 2020

One World. One Heart.

[Text available only in English] The International Solidarity Campaign „One World. One Heart” - #staybrave #strongertogether #lovecandoanything ❤ Under the motto ”One World. One Heart”, iMapp Bucharest – one of the most important video mapping events worldwide, organized by Bucharest City Hall –