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LPM 2012 Paris | Soirée IRL – Fevrier

LPM 2012 Paris | Soirée IRL – Fevrier

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субота, 18 лютага 2012

One night

[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The appointment with the Parisian evenings, focused on live video performances and previews of Vision'r Festival, partner of LPM, which hosts every month an artist presented by LPM. The appointment is with

- Other Colors (Marie Möör, Laurent Chambert)
- Red Richards & neologos
- atsunobu KOHIRA & strom varx

You can also find the LPM infopoint, to discover all the new eleventh edition of LPM, which will be held in Rome from May 31 to June 3 at the Macro

Streaming link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/i-r-l
event: http://www.facebook.com/events/297447893638351/
official website: http://i-r-l.vision-r.org/


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