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Live Cinema, The Art Beyond Visuals

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Live Cinema, The Art Beyond Visuals
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Techniques, media and practices that generate post-dramatic cinema for live performance. In the workshop, participants will discover new ways to bring some retro assets to life and generate new content for their performances, intervening the traditional timeline of visual pieces for entirely new ways to integrate sound with imagery. The workshop is designed so that theory and practice are mixed with the possibility of presenting a short final work, a summary of the achievements at the main venue.
There are 4 sessions of 3 hours in the classroom and with surroundings short trips to film new content.
It is not necessary to have previous knowledge or special equipment, but if you have a camera it can be of great help.
Computer, tablet or even cellphone is welcome as main video workstation.

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Classroom with projector and sound system
A slot to present results of participants

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Antonio Isaac
Antonio Isaac

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