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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] 17TH EDITION – 5 OCTOBER 2019

“There is no planet B”, “Save the Climate”.

Inspiring slogans chanted by demonstrators at the Climate Marches organised with increasing frequency in Brussels and around the world. These mass gatherings prove that a greater awareness of the climate emergency is taking hold.

In the Anthropocene period – a term that describes the current period, which started when human activities began to have a global impact on climate – natural disasters and climate change are a constant reminder that nature will always have the last word.

Yet, although humans seem powerless against the forces of nature, there is an urgent need to take action and reconnect with nature in the context of sustainable deliberations and processes.

The 2019 NUIT BLANCHE intends to examine the impact of the Anthropocene period on Earth’s ecosystem, the need to take account of nature and the role of artists in creating an awareness of climate-related issues.

How can we change the way we live in the world and our relationship with nature when faced with rampant globalisation and urbanisation?

This 17th edition will take place from 7 pm to 3 am during the night of Saturday 5 October, in the area around Tour & Taxis, which is both a former symbol of Brussels’ industrial bloom and next to one of the largest green spaces in Brussels.

This call for projects is open to emerging artists with a professional experience of up to 5 years. Artists are allowed to submit several projects. These can be new creations as well as existing projects.

Mixing installations, multimedia projections, performances, fun and interactive projects, the programme brings together works of great diversity in terms of nature and scale and is open to all artistic disciplines, provided the projects are contemporary in nature. NUIT BLANCHE gives preference to hybrid, multidisciplinary and innovative forms that do not adopt a purely face-to-face relationship with the public.

The NUIT BLANCHE program mainly comprises projects that are presented outside. These projects must therefore be suitable for autumnal weather conditions and be able to withstand possible bad weather.

For new creations and for obvious organisational reasons, NUIT BLANCHE generally gives preference to artists based in Belgium.

NUIT BLANCHE is a free cultural event held annually in various cities around the world which gives pride of place to contemporary creativity in all its forms: visual arts, digital arts, performing arts, circus, multimedia and multidisciplinary projects.

Supported by the City of Brussels, NUIT BLANCHE highlights every first Saturday in October dozens of sites across the capital as it presents a variety of contemporary artistic creations at night. Cultural venues, shop windows, school playgrounds, car parks, churches, stations, fountains, streets and squares are all potential locations.

In offering a series of artistic works closely related to the sites in which they are presented, NUIT BLANCHE sheds new light on familiar places as well as extending an invitation to discover locations that the public usually have little or no chance to see.

Deadline : March 27, 2019

More information and apply http://nuitblanche.brussels/en/open-call-for-proposals-2019/" here





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