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  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics
  • 361 Праглядаў
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[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Evolve invites the viewer & listener to a voyage of discovery, a self-reflecting hypnosis.

Ever evolving layers of the sonic and visual realms blend analogue and digital techniques in a live performance.

As a live A/V experience the show includes live projection by Makro VJ and Andras Nagy, a well balanced synesthetic experience.

Makro and Nagy forge analogue macroscopic imagery with digital generative visual art in a unique combination.

Siblicity performs the sonic journey live on a well-balanced ensemble of analogue and digital instruments.

Працягласць (хвілін)


Што трэба

- 2 x 2m wide table
- Allan & Heath Xone 92 Mixer – Separate Main / Monitor Control
- Stereo Good Quality Monitor Speakers ( d&b audiotechnik / La Aqoustics)
- 12x 220v power sockets and stable power

Што мастакі прыносяць

- Laptops
- synths
- pedals
- macroscope
- controllers

  • AV Performance
  • Live Cinema (Narrative)
  • Experimental Electronics



Live Cinema Festival 2022
Live Cinema Festival 2022
пятніца, 23 верасня 2022