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Frank Sent Us

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Frank Sent Us
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] FRANK SENT US is an audiovisual project and an amazing series of performances.

The project was born through the use of electronic and classical instruments and avant-garde computers. A live set where music and video completely melt down, creating an explosive mixture. Video are “played live” by just working through their original soundtracks and forming a series of hypnotic loops, harmonized perfectly in tune with the images on the screen. The themes may be endless. Each video sequence has a proper strong musicality that can be taken apart and reconstructed with an orchestral approach. The expressiveness of cult movies’ images make them sound like musical notes and create with this mix, an amazing event. The musicality of the sound combined with strong narrative images breed a great emotional impact, which is emphasized by the uniqueness that characterizes each live performance.

Frank Sent Us has a unique and multifaceted nature, due to the audiovisual performance which is able to stir up the dance floor of a crowded underground club and be part of futuristic audio-visual installations in multisensory artistic contexts. Watch the sound, listen to the images.

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We work with:

2 Laptop

2 Midi Controllers

We need:

4m x 3m screen behind the console (1 or more screens)

Beamer min. 2500 ansilumen (1 or more projectors)

Console 1.5m x 1m x 90 cm

Main Audio Mixer (Minimum 8 Channels)


Audio / Video:

Analog Video Output (BNC) or Digital (DVI / VGA)

8 Channel Balanced Audio Output (Stereo Jack Female)

We need to do a check audiovideo.

We have our own sound engineer.

  • AV Performance


Frank Sent Us
Frank Sent Us

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