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Moving visuals Bots

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Moving visuals Bots
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] This is a robotic system to move VJmix projections all over the walls.

This system can be installed in rooms of any size. We can tune it to project on the best spots on the walls of the individual location and create an impressive light show of moving rays and projections.

We are planning a DiY Moving Visuals_ workshop in Berlin for nerdy VJs!

You can learn how to use the controller hardware and software and then build your own (mirror-/...-/...-) robots.

The first session will take place around November 2009 in Friedrichshain. Headsquatter will organize the material, tools and a nice location.

Contact us & we will send you News & CU soon!

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We can provide under request all the necessary material, that consist in:

- 1 beamer for a fixed projection

- min. 1 up to 3 beamers to use with our selphmade Robot and move the pictures around

We support any input output format ;)

  • AV Installation



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