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Sword style

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Sword style
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] The Performance is based on the relations of the light and the darkness, illustrating the ongoing battle between them and the balance, that this fight is creating that is the power that holds our world together. Also letting the onlooker float in the beautiful and meditative scene, that this infinite battle is creating.
This performance is a part of my ongoing project.

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Performance consists of one video projector, video projections of different locations, a strobe light with a sound / vibration sensor, speakers and sound.

Video material has been filmed in different outdoor locations. In those locations there are light reflectors installed on trees, building walls, ground etc. together forming a horizontal line through a static video scene, in this scene strobe light is rhythmically flashing from an angle of the camera, hitting the reflectors, causing them to shine, by reflecting the strobe light.

See examples here:

In the AV performance video will be projected on the screen, it will rhythmically
twinkle from the strobe flashing in video, the speed of the strobe, flashing in the video, video effects and the scene changing will be controlled live by me.
Every strobe light flash in the video is synchronized with a sound (heavy bass kick), creating a musical rhythm.
At the performance location, there will be a strobe light installed, this strobe will be controlled by sound / vibration sensor. The sound of the bass that is sync with the strobe in the video will be causing the strobe in the performance location to work synchronized, creating the rhythm of the performance (Flash light in the video, Strobe in the performance location and the sound are working synchronized).
While performing I will be wearing luminescent outfit, that is going to shine, charging from the strobe light, thus putting myself in the middle of this battlefield, charging from its power.

See example here:

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Video projector, sound system, Strobe light with a sound / vibration sensor (it comes by default with most of the strobe lights for clubs) if it's not possible to get this strobe set, I can try to take one from home.
I will be performing with Macbook + Modul8 and external audio interface.

  • AV Performance
  • Video Theatre
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LPM 2013 Rome
LPM 2013 Rome
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