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Videoplastik by João Raposo

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Videoplastik by João Raposo
[Тэкст даступны толькі на англійскай мове] Short description:Videoplastik is an audio visual performance which combines a low+high/tech hybrid setup and the use of toys and other physical objects to create visuals in real time.

Працягласць (хвілін)


Што трэба

Video projectors:

- 2 video projectors- same brand, model and lamp usage time

- power 3000 ansilumens for 10 m or de 5000 ansilumens for 15 m, from the projector to the screen

In case the Regie is to far from the screen it is necessary to check if the zoom, keystone e intensity of the projectors allow this configuration. As an alternative we can do retro-projection from the background of the stage

-2 independent RCA cables to connect the 2 video projectors to a EDIROL V4 video mixing table.

Other :

preview monitor with Video-IN

1 PowerMac G5 with 2 Gb Ram and 128 or more vidéo-Ram

1 LCD 19 to 23 inches

3 cameras mini dv

1 turn-table

1 dvd-player (dvd, cd-rw)

1 ediror pcr-m30

1 edirol 4 chanel videoo mixer V4

Projection Screens:

- size (ideal) 14m x 5.25m


- 2 tables of 1m W x 2m H (Rosco type)


- from computer the audio out is digital or mini-jack stereo

- i will need sound ammo and a voice MIC


- 2 power pints 230V schuko



-2 hours - installation and configuration of the PowerMac


- 1h30 to setup the gear

- 1h testing (sound + video)

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Joao Raposo
Joao Raposo

Portugal Aveiro